My name is Heather Love. I know how to listen to people, find out what they need, then collaborate to create a successful future.


Current areas of expertise include:

Change is the only constant in our lives, and many changes are difficult to manage.  I have experience working with people side by side, learning to understand and make sense of changes. Together, we uncover and honor their needs, and collaborate on a coaching plan that changes their future.

The internet has made it easy for malicious actors to find, steal and use our personal information against us. My experience creating and implementing data protection, cybersecurity and privacy at a large, global humanitarian organization has provided me with real-world experience that works AND makes a difference.

In companies of all sizes, I have helped many people actively improve their communication, technology and project management skills. Through mentoring, they are seen as intelligent, competent colleagues ready to take on greater responsibility and leadership. 

I have collaborated with startups, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies to strategize, analyze and implement new business initiatives, craft targeted, insightful content and marketing plans, improve recruitment and personnel management strategies, and more.